Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Restoring lives of Women

Last night we took a boat ride down the Mekong River.... didn't see Charlie Sheen, but you could buy Platoon t-shirts everywhere.

If you've read some of my blogs, you know that the main work of Hagar is to restore the lives of women who have been rescued from human trafficking and other severe abuse situations.  Two of the necessary steps are to train them in some employable type of work, and to place them in a paying job.      Hagar fills both of those steps extremely well.  The toughest one, especially in third-world countries where there are few opportunities and lots of available people, is to provide employment  opoportunities.  Hagar is able to do that because they are part owners in two food related businesses.  We met with both of them this week.

One of the businesses is a restaurant and food catering business. Hagar owns 30% of the business.  We had lunch there twice and the place was packed both days.  But the primary part of their business is catering for companies during lunch.  They employ just over 300 catering employees who cook 10,000 meals each work day for 21 companies, obviously some of the companies have a lot of employees.  Hagar currently has sixty-one of its clients working there.

The other company owns two coffee shops in Vietnam, and is about to open one in Cambodia.  Hagar owns about 9% of that company and has twelve employees working there.  Hagar is unique in how they work with rescued women, and stand alone in how they partner with companies to provide employment opportunities.

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