Sunday, September 22, 2013

Flights to Cambodia 9/21-22 2013

After a short hop to LA from Phoenix, and a 4 hour layover, we flew to Seoul and then Phnom Penh. Flew the first 12 1/2 hour leg on an Airbus 380, the European version of the Boeing Dreamliner.  It has 6 more inches of leg room than most planes and very comfortable seats, even in economy.  So our flight is scheduled to board at 12:30 PM and leave LA at 1:00 PM, but as boarding time nears there's no one around so we're expecting a mad rush at the end.  Okay, so this is too amazing to believe; boarding starts at 12:25 and is very orderly, and by 12:44 everyone is in their seats and all the overhead bins are closed, and there are only two seats open on the whole plane. I saw it and I still can't believe it.  But very few passengers carried anything on the flight.  Of about 500 passengers, the were 5 or 6 Americans.  And of those two open seats, one was next to me so I got to move from the middle to the window and have an open seat next to me!  Life is good.

So besides being a huge double decker plane, it also had the latest in electronics for passengers.  We had 11 inch screens and about 60 movies, games, TV, documentaries, etc.  But I learned the hard way that the airways requires all sea backs to be in their most upright position during meals, of which we had lunch and dinner.  It's the right thing, but not needed on this plane.

Our layover in Seoul is scheduled for 45 minutes!  And Mark checked his bag, so the bag also has to make it.  But get this, the airline had a representative waiting at the gate for us.  She first put a sticker and number on us so she wouldn't lose us.  Then she took us through another customs area, where they took my pocket knife out of a pocket in my bag.   Good job TSA....  up and down escalators and to our next flight, one of only 5 1/2 hours this time.  Amazing service!  Oh, and they put my pocket knife, which I couldn't find since my trip to DC last month, in a special envelope and said it would be on the baggage carousel when we arrived in Phnom Penh.  It was!  But I'll bet I have it taken away for good on my last flight from LA to Phoenix.
Well, it's after midnight and breakfast is at 7, so I better try to get some sleep... Got maybe two hours on the flights.

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